Friday, March 26, 2010

Wednesday, the 24th

Pre-chemo meds started today around noon, with chemo beginning at 3:00 p.m. Hailey came today in the afternoon and will stay overnight with Drew. Drew's pain level at the 9th rib site has increased making it more difficult for him to move around. The doctors think there's a possibility that Drew's 9th rib may be a complete break now. If you raise his shirt in the back, you can actually see the skin protruding at the site of the tumor. They have told us that in some circumstances, after just one round of chemo some tumors have shrunk enough that the pain is lessened dramatically. We are praying this to be the case.

Nausea with the chemo can start as early as 1 hour after intravenous treatment begins, so we will see how this day will go.

We do want to share with everyone how Drew's doing physically and all the information we know about the cancer. But, more than that, we want to share how God has ministered to our spiritual needs during this time. The Lord Jesus has been precious to us, and at every bend, every corner, He has offered us the marvelous reassurance that we are being held in His loving hand. Florida Hospital has been incredible. Nearly every single nurse has offered to pray with us, has directly and indirectly pointed Drew to the Lord Jesus, and has made us feel like they truly care. When we consider all the hospitals in Orlando and all the doctors we could have gotten, the Lord providentially guided our path to this doctor; to this hospital. We consider what may have happened to this precious boy had we not obeyed the Lord's leading in coming to Lock Haven Baptist Church 18 months ago, and it's almost overwhelming. When we didn't understand why the Lord was changing our direction from the mission field, He was already implimenting His plan for our lives. We just thank the Lord for being His and for His tender, loving mercies toward us.

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