Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Friday, September 10th

Drew is in so much pain today. He was sitting up in bed to get up and go to his appointment and heard a "pop" sound. Then his ribs started hurting and by the time we got to the doctor his pain had only intensified. Dr. Hajjar said his counts are borderline for a transfusion so we will need to come back on Monday. And, the pain in his rib is likely from when the surgeon pulled rib #6 up and sutured it to the remaining top rib to give the huge space some support. He had removed 4 ribs, so there was a pretty big open spot there. The surgeon was expecting the sutures to dissolve but was hoping the ribs would heal a little more first. So now, it just feels to Drew like something is out of place or dislocated. The rib is really not dislocated but feels like it since it's been sewn that way for the last 6 weeks. He says Drew should feel a great deal better within 48 hours. I pray it is so because he is unbearable pain right now.

Thursday, September 9th

I had so hoped that the muscousitis wouldn't be as bad this time. It's been bad, but definitely not as bad as it could have been. He is so worried that they will keep him tomorrow when he goes for his appointment. He's pale, so his counts are definitely down, but this evening he says it's feeling just a little bit better. Prayerfully he's on the mend. Thank you, Lord, for Your ever-faithfulness to our family.

Tuesday, the 7th

Drew started feeling the mucousitis yesterday. His appointment is not until Friday; I hope it doesn't get any worse than it is now.

School started today. All of the kids had a great starting day---even Drew. He's behind in his Spanish from being in the hospital last week. We will be able to catch up maybe toward the end of this week.

Saturday, September 4th

Hailey's surprise birthday party was today. Drew got to come home yesterday, so he was able to be there for her special surprise. He didn't feel like doing much, but it sure was nice for some of his friends from Haines City to come down and be with him. Thanks especially to Nathan Pitts for coming. It meant alot to Drew.

Drew is usually very sick by the 3rd day of chemo, and we haven't seen that with this round. Prayerfully he won't have any side effects this time. He spent alot of time in the game room on his floor---which he is normally not able to do. Maybe the reduction has worked!

August 30th Chemo

This round was supposed to be a 5-day treatment. Because Drew is so prone to mucousitis, the doctors are going to try reducing the time to a 4-day treatment. We will see if it makes a difference for Drew. He is also doing the Caphosol swish---a calcium, phosphate saline swish that has shown promise in some studies with chemo patients.