Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sunday, May 14th

In the morning, Dr. Paul Helchinki came in first. He explained that their suspicions were that Drew had a malignant tumor growing along his spine. He mentioned the specific "Ewing's Sarcoma", but was very careful to say that all the tests weren't in and he couldn't say definitively until everything, including the biopsy, were in. Dr. Sewsky, partnered with Dr. Hajjar, also came came in to speak with me. Drew and I listened as he elaborated some on what Dr. Helchinki had already said, going a step further to say that he believed Drew had either Ewing's sarcoma or Rabdomyo sarcoma. The basis for their preliminary diagnosis was the pattern of the tumor, his CT scans, and his MRI. When I asked him if there were any chance he could be wrong, he confirmed that there was absolutely a chance he could be wrong. Dr. Sewsky was very compassionate, very patient, and even waited 30 minutes of his time for Lane to get here to speak with him personally. Lane had preached and was on his way.

We were again blessed on Sunday to have many of our precious church family come after church and spend the afternoon with us. What an encouragement they all were. One of our men held a prayer meeting in the waiting room with probably 15 or so from Lock Haven.

Lane and I had decided that we would try to figure out a schedule so that both of us could stay, and both of us could be home with our other children. We worked it out so that we alternated nights and days. Our church family organized bringing in food and supplies for the kids for the week, and by God's mercies, we waited.

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