Sunday, October 17, 2010

Monday, September 13th

Drew had an appointment today to check his counts. The counts were good, but I am very concerned with the amount of pain that Drew is having from the rib. Lane took him to his appointment this morning, and when Dr. Hajaar asked about the rib pain, Drew said, "It's okay." We've learned that there's a very fine line with teenagers, or at least with our teenager, that we are having a tough time discerning as his parents. Because he is a young man, we truly feel strongly that he needs to have a say in his treatment and be kept abreast of all that is taking place with his body; but, sometimes, that means letting Drew talk for himself and allowing him to tell us what his pain level is. Today is definitely one of those times because I feel like he's in way more pain than just the "okay" he gave to his doctor. He can't even stand up without crying. In my heart I feel like this is more than just a "dislocated" rib. Pray that God will give us direction.

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