Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Friday, September 10th

Drew is in so much pain today. He was sitting up in bed to get up and go to his appointment and heard a "pop" sound. Then his ribs started hurting and by the time we got to the doctor his pain had only intensified. Dr. Hajjar said his counts are borderline for a transfusion so we will need to come back on Monday. And, the pain in his rib is likely from when the surgeon pulled rib #6 up and sutured it to the remaining top rib to give the huge space some support. He had removed 4 ribs, so there was a pretty big open spot there. The surgeon was expecting the sutures to dissolve but was hoping the ribs would heal a little more first. So now, it just feels to Drew like something is out of place or dislocated. The rib is really not dislocated but feels like it since it's been sewn that way for the last 6 weeks. He says Drew should feel a great deal better within 48 hours. I pray it is so because he is unbearable pain right now.

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