Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sunday, September 26th..."The Secret Revealed"!

Today was the culmination of months of planning for Drew's wish of a lifetime. His wish coordinators got together with Drew and planned this Disney cruise to the Bahamas for all of his family. Drew's one request was that the trip be something we could all do. He wanted so much for Josh to be able to come. Normally, Make a Wish only pays for the family members living in the home with Drew. But, his coordinators went to bat for him and got Josh approved to go on the trip with us. Except for Drew didn't know about it! He was told that Josh wouldn't be able to go. But, behind the scenes, the stage was set. Josh flew to Orlando yesterday and Make a Wish put him in a luxurious villa to keep the kids at home from finding out. It was their surprise, too. Drew knew that a limousine would be picking up the Stockton family to drive us to the port. He thought that was the big secret that he was keeping from his brothers and sisters. What he didn't know though was that when that limo pulled into the drive, it carried his hero--Josh. Channel 2 news was on hand to interview Drew and to film his reaction. They opened the door and out steps Josh in full uniform. It was absolutely precious. It was truly a memory I will treasure forever.

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