Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tuesday, April 6th

Drew's week home went very, very well. His energy level was low, but he has still been able to laugh and joke around. He's even gone outside some and shot some 3-pointers with his brothers. Last night Hailey took Clay and Drew to Old Towne and let them walk around to see all the shops. Drew really enjoyed the outing, and he wasn't too worse for the wear. He did get tired, but not overly so. The trip couldn't have come at a better time because he was sorely disappointed in his dad's decision not to let him go swimming at our neighbor's house.

At his office appointment on Thursday, his ANC level was 400. Below 500 is neutropenic, meaning that he was at high-risk for infection. However, Dr. Hajjar did not feel that it warranted any blood transfusion and advised us to just watch him over the next couple of days because his levels would bottom out within a day or two. Easter weekend was pretty tough for him. He didn't get to go to church Sunday morning; but we did let him go Sunday evening. Not shaking hands has been a huge adjustment for him---and for everyone at Lock Haven. When Drew goes to church, he lays on the back pew. He's embarrassed of it, but I'm thankful he's there and thankful we have a pew for him to lay on:-)

His hair has started falling out when he touches it. I guess that's what has bothered him the most about the cancer; he really didn't want to lose his hair. He's been such a precious boy. We've all been so excited because after only one round of chemo, his pain level is to the point that has hasn't had a pain pill in 10 days!! He has hated, HATED, having the neuopogen shot every night. Last night was his last shot for this round. The shots will resume after this round. He will be admitted Thursday to begin the next round---a 5 day continuous infusion. I know he will need a special grace because he generally cannot get up and around while on the chemo.

Received word tonight that they admitted my dad into the hospital last night. He was diagnosed with throat cancer 4 months ago. He has done chemo already and is only 2 weeks away from his last radiation treatment. But, the cancer is in the throat, and the radiation has targeted that area making it nearly impossible for him to eat or drink. He's lost 20 pounds this month and is dehydrated and severely malnourished. Please pray for my dad. He's fighting his own battle right now. I am thankful that my dad was saved 4 years ago, but it breaks my heart to see him suffering so much.

Even in the valley, God is good. It's never been more true.


  1. We are praying for you folks here in England. It is a blessing to see your faith reamin strong in the midst of a storm.

    God bless,

  2. We are praying for Drew!

    Blessings to you,
    Katie Boyd