Monday, April 26, 2010

3rd Round of Chemo

Today is April 26th, and the 3rd round of chemo should start here in a little while. The 6th floor had no beds available, so we've waited in outpatient chemo all day. Drew's counts were good this morning, and we are thankful for that. He wasn't able to get this round as scheduled (last Thursday) because his platelets were too low. But, on the positive side, it gave Drew the weekend to relax while we waited for his counts to rise. He has actually felt better this past week than he has in a couple of months.

This round is scheduled to be a 2-day treatment. His chemo rounds will be staggered with a program of 2 days, 5 days, 3 days, then starting over. The 5-day has been the worst by far. He had lost right at 25 lbs. This week he has been able to eat though and has put back on 5 of those pounds. After this round, they may do another PET scan to see just how much progress they have made with the tumor's size. Surgery is still tentatively scheduled right around the 12th week of treatment.

It seems like our family has settled into somewhat of a routine with treatments, trips to the doctor, homeschooling, baseball, and our church activities. God's grace indeed has become even more precious.

Our dear friend, Kim Monk, surprised us by flying to Orlando on Saturday to spend a week with us. What an encouragement she has been!!! Because she has access to DSL with her computer and can easily upload pictures, she is going to be handling most of the updates to this blog. I will still be posting, but probably only on the days when I am actually in the hospital with Drew because the hospital provides fast access, too.

Thanking God for every single day,
The Stockton's

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