Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tuesday, April 13th

This round of chemo is nearly over. We are expecting Dr. Hajjar to let Drew go home this evening sometime if all his numbers are good. I (Kim) have been able to stay with Drew for the past 2 nights, and it's been a sweet blessing to me. Drew has done so-so with this round. He was able to eat more this time than last round---but, the only thing that appeals to him is Ramen noodles and spicy chicken sandwiches. Although his nausea has been terrible, last night was the first time that Drew actually threw up. His blood sugar level is elevated, and while the doctor expects it to be up some, 212 is too high.

Drew is excited to be going home. Usually while we're in the hospital, he doesn't talk much and never complains. He is hoping his little puppy hasn't forgotten him.

I just wanted to thank some of the people that have made this round a whole lot easier: Sweetheart, you are my rock, and I am so thankful God is allowing us to battle this together. Hailey, darlin', you're precious. Thank you for always being willing to take your post--wherever it may be. Daniel, thank you for so willingly give up your off day to sleep in a chair. Kim, thank you for helping me maintain the blog. What a huge help! Lisa, thank you for coming when you didn't have to. Lock Haven Baptist Church, you are the most precious and most loving people that we could ever ask to labor with. Staci, thank you for coming and playing Phase 10 for hours to keep Drew and Hailey company. And, for all who are praying for us, sending cards, keeping my little girls, bringing food, and just being our friends, you are our life-line. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you all.

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