Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

Things are a little better today. Drew was able to drink 1 Ensure and 2 bites of food. He has talked a little today, so I think his pain level is decreasing. He's smiled and laughed a little, too. His doctor said he could go home tomorrow provided he could eat and drink. His kidney function was not what it should be this morning either, but that should level out when he is hydrated enough.

It has been a special day for Drew and me. I am so thankful for the privilege of spending this special day with him. Truly there is no higher calling than that of a mother. I am so grateful that I have a wonderful daughter who is such a good 2nd mama to my little ones that I can be here knowing that they are all cared for there. Life is so sweet when you belong to Christ. A wonderful, Godly husband, 8 precious kids on earth (2 in Heaven), a wonderful church family, Holy Spirit-filled friends who encourage me in my walk with Christ.....truly what else could a mother ask for? I am so blessed.

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