Thursday, October 20, 2011

Spine Surgery

Drew had to be at the hospital at 5:30 the morning of surgery, Monday the 17th. The hardest thing I've ever done is not go to his surgery that morning. I came down with the flu on Saturday and had stayed home from church Sunday hoping that I'd be well enough. But, Monday morning came, and I knew that it wouldn't do Drew any good at all for me to go as sick as I was. And, I didn't want to risk giving the flu to someone else---maybe someone who was already very ill. What a lesson for me. I've always been able to be with him during his surgeries, so not being there was difficult for me. The Lord softly reminded me that He is in control---whether I am there "overseeing" or not. Drew came through surgery wonderfully. The surgeon was very, very pleased with how well things went; Drew didn't even need the blood transfusion that had been prepared.

The days after surgery have been difficult. Because of my flu, Lane stayed with Drew from Monday until Wednesday afternoon. God knew and prepared for what I really hadn't anticipated. Daddy was able to lift Drew and turn him in a non-stop effort to find a comfortable spot. The incision is from his neck to his hip, so his pain level is great, and every movement is agonizing. But, I am not strong like Daddy, and my first night with Drew was tough. Getting him turned over and up and into the chair has been alot harder than I thought it would be, and I know I haven't made it as comfortable has Daddy did. But, Drew is slowly regaining some mobility and able to help a little with turning himself over. He has met every milestone they've set for him: the first day--sit up; the second day--walk; the third day--shower. The only thing he hasn't done yet is eat. He hasn't eaten since Sunday, and he will have to do that before he can go home.

Thank you, dear Lord, for the wonderful grace you've given us, and for Your careful watchcare over us.

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  1. Missed seeing you while we were in your area. We pray for your family, thankful Drew is making his milestones. Love, Tammy Mallard