Thursday, April 28, 2011

April 28th

Drew's PET scan will be Monday, May 2nd. If the scan comes back clean, Drew will be scheduled within a week for surgery to remove rib #6. The surgeon feels like this is our best option considering the rib has been weakened by each re-break and is offering no support to Drew at all. Moreover, because the rib has healed with somewhat of a jagged edge, if Drew were to fall, he could puncture his lung. Provided the scan is clean, the rib and his port will be removed at the same time.

He will be X-rayed again August 1st to see how much the spine has curved since February. If the current rate of curvature continues, we have no choice but to do a total chest wall reconstruction. He will have titanium rods put in to give his spine the support it needs. But, there's a small chance that Drew's muscles will strengthen enough to keep the spine from curving anymore. That's certainly what we are praying for.

He's feeling great these days. He has alot of back pain---mostly from the scoliosis. He's done very well catching himself up in school and will finish the year at the same time as the other children. His hair has grown back---a very light blonde. He's gotten his color back, and since Drew is naturally dark-complexioned, his light hair and dark skin make him look like a surfer!

Thank you all for praying, and we will update as soon as we know the results of Monday's scan.

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