Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wednesday, December 1st

Wow, where did November go? Drew's month passed quickly, and we are thankful it was one of his best months. He had a rough time after his last round of chemo, and his counts did not bounce back as they had been doing. His next round was postponed because his body was simply not ready for it. His counts finally came came back up about a week before Thanksgiving. His doctor agreed to let Drew have the week off so that he could enjoy Thanksgiving. And, we surely did that! I started a tradition when the kids were little that everybody got their very own pie. They didn't get to eat the whole thing, but they got to choose it, help roll out the crust for it, and help me bake it. Through the years, that special time has been precious to me. This year, the day before Thanksgiving, I came down with the flu. My sweet girls, Hailey and Bentley, did all the pies for me, and my amazing husband cooked nearly everything else. I'm telling you, the food was so good that I think I'll have the flu every year;-) We enjoyed the day so very much, and truly understand how precious a gift the Lord has given us in just being together.

Drew is scheduled to have 3 more rounds of chemo---2 (5) day rounds and 1 (1) day round. If things go as scheduled, his last day of chemo will be December 31st. He will have a PET and CT the first of the new year to see where we are with everything and go from there. It's no small comfort to know that the path we are walking is only dim to our eyes; the Guide walking before us knows the pathway well and will keep our steps from faltering.

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  1. We are praying for you all. We miss you Drew and Love you. Love ya, Williams Family.