Saturday, November 6, 2010

Saturday, November 6th

We are in-patient today for Drew to receive the scheduled round of chemo. It's been almost 3 weeks since his last treatment. His body's blood counts are not recovering as quickly as they have in the past, so his treatments have not been every other week as his doctor has ordered. In fact, he had to have a red blood cell transfusion today before they could do the chemo. We've totally finished one of the chemo meds, and it was the one that we feel like has caused him the most sickness with the mucousitis. The end is in sight! They told us today that after today we have 3 more rounds!! That's around 6 weeks--barring his counts recover as they should. Drew should be done with all his treatments around the end of the year. In total, he's lost 50 lbs. It was 60 lbs, but he's been able to add back 10 lbs over the past 2 weeks.

We just thank the Lord Jesus that He has never left our sides, and that He is continuing to strengthen and encourage Drew for this battle. And, we pray that God will use the cancer in Drew's life and in our lives to make us more like our Savior. I've had so many ask me, "How do you do it?" And, the answer to that is simply, I don't. Without the grace that has been poured out upon our family; without the mercy and forgiveness of a compassionate Savior Who knows I am but dust and fail miserably every single day; without the provision of a God Who never lets us walk in our valleys alone. Without Him, we are nothing and can accomplish nothing. Sometimes it frightens me to know that others...others who do not know the Lord Jesus as Savior are watching. And, seeing my life as an open book and a living testimony of whether my God is real. And, I am so glad that I can say as we look back over this year that God has been good. I am glad that even now I sing for the wonderful life we have. And, I thank you, Lord, for allowing us to rest in You.

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