Friday, June 4, 2010

5th Round, June 4, 2010

  • Drew's 5th round started this morning at around 1 a.m. Because of the mucousitis (ulcer-like mouth sores down his throat), we've had a few setbacks. His doctor told us that out of 10 kids, only 1 or 2 will get mucousitis to the degree that Drew is consistently getting it. He has gotten it about a week after every single chemo treatment he's had. We are encouraged because only very recently the FDA has approved a calcium/phosphate treatment that has shown great potential in studies of cutting mucousitis by 50% in cancer patients. We are hoping it will have a wonderful effect in Drew's treatment. He started it today.
  • Our Memorial Day was so relaxing and encouraging. We've wanted to visit some very precious friends of ours in Hernando, FL, for some time now, but schedules just haven't allowed it. We finally just took off Monday and spent the day with them. They live on a lake, and the kids spent the day airboating, tubing, and just having a good ole' fashioned fun time. Lane and I really, really enjoyed the day. It was exactly what the doctor ordered.
  • The rest the crew are all well. Baseball for the boys is winding up for the season. The girls are going to be in 4-H starting in the fall, and perhaps volleyball, in the fall.
  • Our lives are just so, so blessed and overflowing with God's mercy. I wish that I could say that I haven't had days when I felt like everything was spinning wildly out of control; I have. I know my husband has. But, during those times, we are just so thankful to have a God Who knows that we are but dust. He gently lifts us out of the mirey clay, dries our tears, carries us up the hill while we rest a while, and then sets us down and walks the rest of the way beside us. That's where we are right now; climbing the hill. And, thanking Jesus for His strength.


  1. Too Blessed to be Stressed as you say.

  2. Hey Kim, it's Tammy Mallard. Had no idea Drew and your family was going through this right now. Know that I love you and will pray daily for you. We will add him and your family to the prayer list at church. Love you...